Village Art Group

We are a group of 10 amateur artists who meet at Stoke Bishop Village Hall almost every Thursday at 2.00 PM. The group was established on 17, September 1998 and we enjoy a pleasant social gathering whist practising our painting skills.
We use a range of media from watercolour, pastels, gouache, charcoal and oil paints. In the summer we often paint in outside locations to get experience of working in real time. We prefer this to be when the English weather is at its best.

Although we have sought occasional instruction from visiting established artists we tend to make our own individual arrangements for formal art courses, relying on friendly self criticism within the group. As individuals we frequently submit paintings to open exhibitions in the area with some success in a highly competitive environment. We have yet to achieve the satisfaction of having entries accepted by the Royal Academy so in the meantime we have to be content with the enormous pleasure that comes with the thought that somebody has bought pictures from us to hang within their own home.

At the moment we do not have room for any more artists but if people have an interest there is no reason why they shouldn't contact one of us or we would be pleased to see them one Thursday afternoon and make a note of their interest.