Yoga Classes at Stoke Bishop Village Hall (Upstairs).


For all Yoga enquiries contact Sara-Jo Cameron on 07547 921898 or at



Tortoise and Hare Yoga

with Sara-Jo


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The following is a list of Yoga Classes and Courses held upstairs at Stoke Bishop Village Hall, BS9 1EX. 1-2-1's and Indian Head Massage are held in a lovely small room adjacent to the Yoga Room:



6.00pm to 7.15pm  Yoga for Backs and wellbeing     Level 2    6 week course

7.30pm to 8.45pm Yoga for Backs and wellbeing     Level 1     6 week course

Course start dates on separate sheet



2.00pm to 3.15pm General Yoga Class

3.30pm to 4.45pm Gentle Yoga Class

6.00pm to 7.15pm Beginners Yoga Class

7.30pm to 8.45pm  Beginners Yoga Course of 6 Classes 

Course same week dates as Mondays



6.15pm to 7.30pm General Yoga Class

7.45pm to 9.00pm Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs 12 Week Course 

Course dates on separate sheet


1-2-1 Yoga Sessions and Indian Head Massage

Mondays 4.00-5.30pm

Friday's 2.00 to 5.00pm

(Other times are available on request)


Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Specialised Back-care 12 week Course Clinically trialled and recognised in NICE guidelines - whether for  the need or  want of  wellbeing or for  specific spinal conditions or pain this course will help you to learn to cope with and manage painful episodes encouraging  healthy movement which compliments other activities.

This course is a commitment to yourself please take the time to adjust your diary to allow yourself to complete the course. If you miss a Class it can be taken on a

subsequent course free of charge. It becomes a yoga toolkit to turn to when in discomfort or to ease an aching back (book & CD with worksheets learning how to use appropriate padding) when having overworked in the garden or having been on a long run or just for personal maintenance. It really  is worth visiting the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs website for full details. If you are interested in joining the next 12 Week Course please ring or text for the current course dates and to add your name to the waiting list. Thankyou.


Yoga for Back-Care and wellbeing are 6 week courses Level 1 and Level 2 they are a great way to strengthen your core being accessible for all of you who have an interest in looking after yourselves whether you are approaching movement for the first time, wish to maintain good movement or need a practise to help you in your working life or retirement in releasing tensions and bringing your bodies back into balance – Yoga can make a real difference! Please ring or text for the current Course dates and to add your name to the waiting list. Thankyou.


Beginners Yoga Course of 6 Classes

These classes run at the same time as Mondays classes.

Having booked your mat for 6 weeks come and enjoy Beginners asanas(postures) always starting with a good warm up - a natural progression from the Yoga for Back Care Courses. Please ring / text for the current Course dates and to add your name to the waiting list.Thankyou.


A similar way of practising yoga threads through the classes introducing other asanas (postures) as appropriate at different levels developing a strong yoga practise and bringing continuity for your yoga practise - as you progress props and chairs can be discarded.


1-2-1's either to introduce you to yoga or to enhance your practice, or to do the YHLB 12 week course at a convenient time for yourself. Indian Head Massage works by releasing shoulders and neck with movement followed by seated upper back and head massage then onto the massage table for further facial,neck and shoulders massage. This is a real stress and tension reliever helping us keep on top! Can be done dry wearing a shirt or vest top or with oils wearing a vest top.